Paris Airport Shuttle Bus

A Complete Guide to the Shuttle Bus Network Connecting CDG Airport to Paris

Shuttles and Buses from and to Paris Airport​

Numerous bus lines link Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris city center and its suburbs. Mostly local bus lines (as the more luxurious Le Bus Direct no longer serves the airport) handle public transfers from and to the main airport in Paris at affordable prices. What’s more, long-distance coaches leave the airport with other French or international foreign cities as their destinations.

Our tip: Besides the urban and long-distance buses, Roissy Airport has an internal airport shuttle network as well. Thus, N1 and N2 buses handle complimentary transfers between the T2 sub-terminals, while color-coded shuttles provide transfers between terminals. Additionally, black, pink, and blue hotel shuttle buses connect the airport with the close-by hotels.

The Most Popular Paris Airport Shuttle: RoissyBus

RoissyBus is the RATP bus linking Roissy CDG to Opéra in the Paris city center. The bus runs on a daily basis – including Sundays and public holidays – from 06:00 am to 00:30 am with 15-20-minute itineraries. The journey from Paris Airport to Opéra lasts about 60 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions, while the airport bus stops for RoissyBus lie at:

  • Exit 32 of the T1 Arrivals level
  • Exit 9 located at T2A, for T2A/T2C
  • Exit 11 located at T2D, for T2B/T2D
  • the Bus Station (Exit 8 at Arrivals level), for T2E/T2F
  • the Roissypôle Bus Station, for T3

Our tip: RoissyBus luggage storage space is limited, and the bus often gets crowded.

The Local RATP Buses at Charles de Gaulle Airport

Besides RoissyBus, two more bus lines transfer CDG passengers to the city of Paris. Explicitly:

  • The local Bus 350

Bus Line 350 handles routes between CDG Airport and Porte de la Chapelle. Running daily (even on holidays), the bus leaves the airport from 06:05 am to 10:30 pm with a 15-30-minute frequency, making a lot of intermediate stops. Thus, its journey lasts about 70 minutes. Please note that the bus has no designated luggage areas.

  • The local Bus 351

The local Bus 351 departs from CDG Airport from 07:00 am to 09:37 pm every 15-30 minutes and reaches Paris Nation (its terminus) in about 80 minutes. Unfortunately, those buses don’t have adequate storage space and stop at various in-between destinations, raising the total journey time. 

Both buses stop at T1 (Exit 32), T2A/C (Exit 9 of T2A), T2B/D (Exit 11 of T2D), Gare TGV/SNCF and Roissypôle Bus Station (Gare Routière).

Our tip 1: Please note that 350 and 351 timetable changes during summer and school holidays.

Our tip 2: If you want to reach Torcy Station, lying in the East Paris suburbs, you can use the Bus Line Seine et Marne Express 19. The bus leaves from Roissypôle RER every 30-60 minutes and needs one hour to reach its final stop.

The Night Paris Airport Shuttle Buses

Passengers arriving late at night at CDG Airport can take the noctilien buses (night buses) linking Paris Airport to Gare de l’ Est and the northern city suburbs. The Night Bus 140 calls at the airport from 01:00 am to 04:00 am on an hourly basis and reaches its final stop at Gare de l’ Est in about 100 minutes. On the other hand, N143 makes an approximately 60-minute journey from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Gare de l’ Est, from 00:00 am to 04:30 am, with available routes every 30 minutes. The noctilien buses stop at Roissypôle Bus Station, the TGV Station, and near Exit 8 of T1.

The long-distance Buses from Charles de Gaulle Airport

Is your destination outside Paris? Do you want to reach another French city or even a foreign location outside France? Long-distance coaches, such as Flixbus, BlaBlaCar Bus, etc., offer their services at Roissy Airport, departing from the Roissypôle Bus Station which lies between Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 1 and T3 CDGVAL Station.

Special Buses Departing from Charles de Gaulle

The Magical Shuttle

Where do you think the Magical Shuttle would lead you? To Disneyland, of course! The bus calls at T2E/F from 09:00 am to 06:45 pm with 30-90-minute routes and stops at many Disneyland hotels on the way. The ticket price for the 60-minute bus ride is 23€/23$ for adult passengers and 10€/10$ for children between 2 and 12. Toddlers and babies (0-2 years old) travel for free.

Parc Astérix Shuttle Bus

The 20-minute distance from CDG Airport to Parc Astérix is covered by the Parc Astérix Shuttle, leaving CDG T1 every half an hour and heading to the entertainment park from 09:00 am until one hour after the park’s closure time. The shuttle only operates when Parc Astérix is open. Tickets can be bought by the park’s ticket desk located in T1 (only via bank cards) and cost 10€/10$ for adults, and 9€/9$ for children between 3 and 11, whereas they are free for children under 3 years of age.

Bus Tickets from Charles de Gaulle International Airport

Tickets for RoissyBus

A one-way ticket for RoissyBus costs 13.70€/13.70$ and can be bought from the driver (only in cash) or the RATP counters located at CDG T1 and T2. 

What’s more, passengers can also use the Paris Visite travel pass for 1,2,3, or 5 days in a row, depending on their preferences. This pass offers unlimited transfers with every public transportation means (Metro, RER, SNCF, Bus, Tram, Funiculaire de Montmartre) in specific Paris zones depending on the purchased type of pass. For airport transfers, you’ll have to buy the Paris Visite pass for zones 1-5 (Paris and the Île-de-France area, airports, Disneyland, Versailles, etc. included Vs zones 1-3, which cover only central Paris and its inner suburbs). The prices for zones 1-5 vary from 25.25€/25.25$ to 65.80€/65.80$ according to the pass duration, while children between 4 and 11 benefit from a 50% discount. You can buy your pass from the automatic vendors and the ticket desks of the Airport RER Station, the Tourist Office, and online from set tourist operators. Please note that to use the Paris Visite pass, you’ll have to write your name along with the starting and ending day of the pass (time counts from the first validation) and validate it each time you use public transport.

On the other hand, Navigo passes (Forfaits Navigo) are another alternative for your Paris transfers. Providing unlimited public rides as well (SNCF, RER, Metro, Bus, Tram, Funiculaire Monmartre), Navigo cards are the following: 

  • Navigo Easy: an anonymous smart card, costing 2€/2$, which can be loaded with tickets t+ (from train station ticket offices and automatic vendors or via your smartphone) or Navigo Day Tickets. Navigo Easy can be used by anyone. However, it can’t be used by several people at the same time.
  • Navigo Day Tickets: Navigo Day Tickets offer unlimited transfers from 00:00 am to 12:00 pm on the chosen day. Explicitly, they can be used either on the day of the purchase or within the next 6 days. Navigo Day Tickets must be loaded into a Navigo Easy or a Navigo Découverte card, while each pass can be charged with no more than 2 day tickets. They are available for the zones of your preference (each ticket type covers at least two Paris zones), and their cost varies from 7.50€/7.50$-17.80€17.80$ depending on the zone’s selection.
  • Navigo Découverte: a 5€/5$ personal smart card that can be strictly used by its buyer. As a matter of fact, as soon as you buy the card (available at the airport train stations), you’ll have to write your name on it and stick a photo. Navigo Découverte can be charged with Navigo Day and Week Tickets.
  • Navigo Week Travel Pass: available for a week (starting from Monday at 00:00 am to Sunday at 11:59 pm), Navigo Week Passes offer countless rides with every Paris transportation mode. They can be purchased through a smartphone app or from CDG train stations until Thursday night (and used only up to Sunday midnight), while tickets for the onward week are available from Friday morning (and start applying from Monday 00:00 am). The pass for zones 1-5 costs 22.80€/22.80$.

Our Tip 1: Paris Visite pass also offers discounts to collaborated providers, such as Galeries Lafayette or Arc de Triomphe. 

Our Tip 2: Navigo Forfaits offer no discount for children.

Our Tip 3: When it comes to Navigo Passes, you can buy a pass for the central Paris zones and load it afterward with additional tickets for your destination (Disneyland, Airport, etc.).

Local Buses 350-351 and Noctilien Buses

The price for a bus ticket is 1.90€/1.90$, whereas the Night Buses N140 and N143 cost 3.80€/3.80$. Tickets are available inside the bus in cash or at the airport’s train stations. Moreover, the Paris Visite Travel pass and Navigo Forfaits can also be used for Buses 350 and 351 as well as for Night Buses N140 and N 143.


How much is a bus from CDG to Paris?

RoissyBus, heading to Opéra right in the heart of the city, costs 13.70€/13.70$ while a ticket for Buses 350 and 351 is 1.90€/1.90$. On the other hand, night travelers hopping on the Noctilien Buses N140 and N143 have to pay 3.80€/3.80$). In all cases, Paris Visite travel passes and Navigo Forfaits can also be applied.

Where is the RoissyBus at CDG?

The bus stops for RoissyBus are to be found in all the terminals of Charles de Gaulle Airport. In detail, the bus stop of T1 lies at the Arrivals level, near Exit 32, while the T2A/C bus stand is at Exit 9 of T2A. Moreover, T2B/D is served by the bus stop at Exit 11 of T2D and T2E/F by the bus station situated at Arrivals Exit 8. Finally, RoissyBus departs from Roissypôle Bus Station, close to the T3 building.