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No matter which terminal you are flying from or which CDG airport’s areas you are heading to anyway, Paris Airport has all the necessary parking facilities to meet your needs and expectations. Thus, take a look at the airport’s parking options and choose the ideal one for your CDG airport parking experience.

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CDG Airport Terminal 1 Car Park

P1 Car Park lies close to terminal 1 doors, within a 4-minute walking distance, and is a perfect choice for short-term parking at CDG Airport (a few hours up to a few days). P1 is an indoor, monitored, and opened 24/7 parking and has 46 designated parking spaces for people with reduced mobility, charging spots for electric vehicles, and a zone for two-wheel vehicles. What’s more, premium parking spaces are also to be found inside P1 (P1 Premium), two minutes from the parking elevators. However, they are costlier and available upon reservation.

CDG Airport Terminal 2 Car Park

PAB Car Park mainly serves the short-term needs of passengers wishing to reach T2A or T2B. It is a covered, surveilled, and around-the-clock parking as well, equipped with 108 spaces for visitors with disabilities and premium spots. Parking at PAB doesn’t require a previous reservation, yet premium spots are available upon booking. The parking lot lies 4 minutes away from T2A/B (2 minutes if parked at the premium spots right next to the parking elevators), 8 minutes from T2C/D, and 15 minutes from T2E/F.

PCD Car Park is the covered and monitored parking lot serving the sub-terminals T2C and T2D. In fact, the car park is within a 4-minutes walking distance from the two T2 sections, connected via elevators. On the other hand, T2A, T2B, T2E, and T2F are 8-12 minutes away. PCD Car Park features 41 parking spots for persons with disabilities and electric vehicle charging stations along with premium parking spaces upon reservation.

PEF Car Park is also an indoor, 24/7, camera-controlled car park, 4 minutes from T2E and T2F, 12 minutes from T2C and T2D, and 15 minutes from T2A and T2B. The short-term parking lot has 52 parking spaces for persons with mobility problems and 30 spots for electric vehicles.

PG Car Park is T2G’s designated parking location. Lying 4 minutes from the terminal’s doors, the short-stay PG is equipped with 10 parking spots for electric cars. Overall, it is an outdoor car park – monitored and open around the clock -and offers premium parking spaces as well (always pre-booked) right next to the parking elevators and only 2 minutes from T2G.

Our Tip: PCD and PEF Car Parks also have designated areas for premium reservations, lying a 2-minute walking distance from the nearest terminal (PCD Premium, PEF Premium). 

CDG Airport Terminal 3 Car Park

Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 3 is equipped with the P3 RESA Car Park, an outdoor, video-surveilled parking lot operating 24/7. P3 lies 5 minutes on foot from T3. Furthermore, it offers 15 parking spots for physically challenged travelers. Nevertheless, you can your spot at the P3 RESA only online. 

The Long-term Car Parks of Paris Roissy Airport

Long-term car parks are located a further distance from each CDG airport terminal to meet the needs of passengers who are looking for long-stay parking and, thus, for budget parking options.

PR Eco Parking is to be found close to terminal 1. It is open 24/7 and is also monitored. The exterior parking lot is connected to the terminals via the free CDGVAL Shuttle Train. The train ride to T1 and T3 lasts 8-10 minutes, while T2C, T2D, T2E, and T2F are 15-18 minutes away by train.

PW Eco Parking actually handles the parking demands of T2G. The outdoor PW can be reached within 10 minutes on foot from T2G, while T2E and T2F are accessible via the free shuttle Bus N1, passing every 8 minutes. The bus route lasts about 17-22 minutes. Please note that PW is available only upon a previous booking.

PX Eco Parking is the exterior parking lot, also lying in proximity to T2 but close to its north side. Thus, it is 10-12 minutes away via the CDGVAL Train from T2C, T2D, T2E, T2F, and T3, and a 15-minute train transfer from T2A, T2B, and T1.

Our Tip: Please note that CDGVAL Trains are out of operation from 01:00 am to 04:00 am.

Paris Airport Parking Valet

Parking Eco Valet offers premium parking services. Passengers wanting to benefit from this amenity can leave their car at the entrance of P3 RESA Car Park and hand over the keys to one of the airport’s experienced staff. From that moment, parking is no longer a concern for travelers. The airport’s personnel handles all the processes, securing the keys and dropping off the car at the same point when the client returns to the airport (no matter if the flight is delayed or canceled). Parking Eco Valet is exterior but monitored by cameras and is open from 05:00 am to midnight. CDGVAL Trains transfer passengers from the parking lot to T1, T2C, T2D, T2E, and T2F in about 12 minutes.

CDG Airport Motorcycle Parking

Paris Airport has monitored designated areas for two-wheel vehicles’ parking. Those areas lie close to the terminals and provide quick access to bikers arriving at the airport. Explicitly, P1 has 42 parking spaces to be found at the blue level (in alleys B and C) while PAB has 98 spots on the -1 level. Finally, 130 parking lots for motorbikes are situated at PEF, at level -1, close both to T2E and to T2F.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Picking-Up & Dropping-Off Zones

First and foremost, parking in front of the terminals is strictly prohibited at CDG Airport. Thus, if you want to pick up or drop off your loved ones, you should use the airport’s “Dépose-minute” areas, the zones where up to one-and-a-half-hour stays are allowed. If you are up for really short-term parking at CDG Airport (the first 10 minutes are free), you should follow the orange road signs leading to these exterior parking areas, located right next to the terminal buildings. T2E is the only terminal with two dépose-minute zones, one at the Arrivals level (Arrivées Minute) and one at the Departures (Départ minute).

Our Tip 1: A parking duration exceeding this time limit leads to the vehicle’s towing!

Our Tip 2: If you plan to stay more than 15 minutes at the airport, the terminal’s Car Parks, located 5 minutes from each terminal, are far cheaper and a better value for money option.

Paris International Airport Parking Fees

The parking fees at CDG Airport vary depending on the chosen car park as well as the booking type. Online bookings in advance give access to better fares and deals and are generally recommended for long-stay parking at Roissy Airport. However, if you settle on payment on the spot, you should take into account that currently, only payments with bank cards are accepted.

Our Tip 1: Persons with disabilities receive a 50% discount for their parking spot. Nevertheless, passengers must hand over the relevant documents proving their condition.

Our Tip 2: Please keep in mind that PW Eco Parking and P3 RESA Car Park are available only for online bookings.

Short-Term CDG Parking Fares

Parking DurationP1PABPCDPEFPG
First 10 minFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
10 - 15 min3€/3$3€/3$3€/3$3€/3$3€/3$
30 -45 min7€/7$7€/7$7€/7$7€/7$7€/7$
4h15m - 4h30m37€/37$37€/37$37€/37$37€/37$37€/37$
12h - 1 day40€/40$40€/40$40€/40$40€/40$40€/40$
4 days125€/125$125€/125$125€/125$125€/125$125€/125$
Each day25€/25$25€/25$25€/25$25€/25$25€/25$

Our Tip: T3 RESA Car Park has a different price table and can only be booked online, in advance. Hence, a 12h-1day stay costs 33.10€/33.10$ while for a 2-day parking duration, you’ll pay 59.50€/59.50$, and for 4 days, 97.40€/97.40$.

Long-Term Parking Fees at Charles de Gaulle Airport

Parking DurationPR EcoPX EcoPW Eco
First 10 minFreeFreeFree
10 - 15 min2€/2$2€/2$ -
30 -45 min6€/6$6€/6$ -
4h15m - 4h30m27€/27$27€/27$ -
12h - 1 day30€/30$30€/30$38.20€/38.20$
4 days105€/105$105€/105$105.30€/105.30$
Each day20€/20$20€/20$10€-15€/10$-15$

Dépose-Minute Fees at Paris Airport

Drop-off parking at the airport is allowed for up to 90 minutes. If you exceed this limit, your vehicle will be towed, and you’ll be charged 120.18€/120.18$ to get it back (+6.36€/6.36$ for every day your car stays at the towing car park). Nevertheless, the first 10 minutes are out of charge, while an 11-minute stay costs 1€/1$, and each minute from that moment (until the 30 minutes) is also charged at 1€/1$.

T2E is the only terminal equipped with an arrivals pick-up zone as well. Parking for 15 minutes is out of charge. The cost for a 16-minute stay is 5€/5$, and the fee for each after-minute up to 1.30 hours is 1€/1$. Please note that 1.30 hours is the maximum stay limit. Exceeding it leads to the car’s towing.


How do I leave my car at the airport?

You have two options when it comes to parking at CDG Airport. First, you can choose one of the airport’s car parks (short-term, long-stay, or pick-up/drop-off zones) and park your vehicle there. On the other hand, if you want to relish the most premium parking experience at Roissy Airport, you can use the Parking Eco Valet service. In that way, all you’ll have to do is leave your car at the entrance of P3 RESA and pick it up from the same spot when returning to the airport.

Which are the Paris airport parking long term options?

Three car parks are located within a 10-15-minute distance from the airport terminals, via the CDGVAL free shuttle train. Parking lots PR Eco, PX Eco, and PW Eco are ideal for travelers who want to park their car for a long period of time and are in search of an affordable parking alternative.

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