CDG Paris Airport Guide

Useful Information and Tips about the Main Airport of Paris

General Airport Information

Paris Charles de Gaulle, or Paris Roissy (named after its location), or simpler, Paris Airport is the main airport in Paris, as well as the second busiest aviation hub in Europe and among the 10 top ones in the world. Located 25km from Paris downtown, CDG Airport serves the bulk of airlines landing or departing from the French capital, both regional and international. It is claimed to host possibly one of the vaster number of airlines worldwide while occupying a huge area of 32 square kilometers.


CDG airport’s layout is considered to be complicated. Consisting of 3 terminal buildings, T1 has a main area connected to 7 satellite compartments housing the boarding gates. T3 is simple enough, composed of one building sheltering both Arrivals and Departures. Conversely, T2 is split into 7 sub-terminals, with 6 of them being interconnected and T2G located at an 800-km distance from the main T2 area. Transfers between terminals are handled by an automatic shuttle train (CDGVAL) or via numerous shuttle services.


The enormous and extremely busy Charles de Gaulle Airport offers accommodation options both inside its premises and in the nearby area. Thus, if you are landing at T2E, the airport hotel YotelAir is the ideal choice for a relaxed layover at CDG, while Sheraton Paris Airport, located at the landside, 5 minutes from T2E on foot, is also an excellent alternative. On the other hand, you’ll find a selection of accommodation lying at Roissypôle, the building complex between T2 and T3, as well as notable options in the airport’s nearby area.


Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport offers its passengers premium parking services, guaranteeing a stress-free parking experience. Indeed, passengers arriving or leaving from the main airport in Paris can choose among many short-term and long-term parking options, as well as opt for valet services or a quick stopover at the designated Dépose-minute areas.

Layover at the Airport

Do you find layovers at the airport a necessary evil? Your layover experience at CDG Airport will definitely change your mind. From the many top-rated airport services and amenities to the nearby attractions and the Paris city center sightseeing, you’ll love each moment of your stopover at Charles de Gaulle Airport.