Paris CDG Airport Taxis

Handy Guidelines and Key Recommendations about Taxis at Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport

Why Take a Paris Airport Taxi?

If “Paris is always a good idea”, a Paris airport taxi is an even better one when it comes to your transfer from Charles de Gaulle Roissy Airport. Why?

  • Because Paris airport taxis are always on tap just outside the baggage claim areas.
  • Because they charge flat rates to Paris city center and, thus, you get to know the exact cost of your ride in advance.
  • Because even though Paris public transportation is efficient, Paris airport taxis offer exclusively door-to-door services.
  • Because your driver will put your luggage in the vehicle’s trunk, and you won’t have to drag them around during your transfer.
  • Because, in that way, your personal items will be safe. No risk of pickpocketing.
  • Because it’s the most convenient option anyway, but even more so if traveling with children or arriving after a long and tiring flight.
  • Because besides being convenient, they are comfortable too (no need to get squeezed into overcrowded buses or trains).

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a pleasant, fast, and comfy way to travel to Paris, Paris airport taxis are the right call.

Paris CDG Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Although Paris taxis are metered, Paris airport taxis offer flat fees for their rides from CDG Airport to Paris. In fact, their fares vary depending on the final destination: if you are heading to the right side of the Seine river (Rive Droite), you’ll have to pay 53€/53$ for your transfer, while rides to the left bank of the river (Rive Gauche) cost 58€/58$. Please note that those rates correspond to 45-60-minute journeys (depending on the traffic levels) and an approximately 25-km traversed distance. As far as extra fees are concerned, Paris airport taxis don’t charge extra for luggage or any number of passengers up to 4 (given that the destination is within Paris city center and the set prices apply). What’s more, the airport pick-up fee is also included in the fixed fare. However, called taxis charge an extra 4€/4$ for immediate bookings and 7€/7$ for early bookings in advance.

Payments can be made either in cash or via bank cards. Some taxi drivers may deny credit card payments. However, in that case, they must have a sign on the vehicle’s windows displaying this fact.

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Roissy Airport Taxi Fares to Popular Destinations

Do you want to reach another part of Paris or its nearby areas and not the city center? The airport taxi rides to other destinations aren’t fixed. However, you can check out the usual fares from CDG Airport to the most popular destinations to get a picture of the expected cost of your ride:

FromToDaytime PriceNighttime PriceDuration
Paris CDG AirportParis Right Bank53€/53$53€/53$45 min
Paris CDG AirportParis Left Bank58€/58$58€/58$50 min
Paris CDG AirportGare du Nord53€/53$53€/53$50 min
Paris CDG AirportLa Défense64€-77€/64$-77$68€-80€/68$-80$42 min
Paris CDG AirportParis-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre21€-24€/21$-24$23€-26€/23$-26$12 min
Paris CDG AirportVersailles Palace94€-112€/94$-112$99€-118€/99$-118$60 min
Paris CDG AirportOrly Airport78€-88€/78$-88$82€-93€/82$-93$52 min
Paris CDG AirportDisneyland80€-95€/80$-95$85€-100€/85$-100$45 min

Where are the Taxi Ranks at Charles de Gaulle Airport?

CDG Airport has official taxi stands just outside the baggage claim area of all its terminals. Passengers collecting their luggage can follow the taxi airport signs to reach their terminal’s taxi stand hassle-free. Explicitly, the airport taxi stands are to be found:

  • at Arrivals Exit 24 of terminal 1
  • at Exit 6 of T2A
  • at Exit 14 of T2C
  • at Exit 7 of T2D
  • at Gate 10 located in the Arrivals area of T2E
  • at Gate 11 located at the Arrivals zone of T2F
  • at Blue Gate (in front of the terminal building) of T2G
  • in front of terminal 3’s doors

Our tip: It is highly recommended to hire your taxi from the official airport taxi stands to avoid getting scammed.

How to avoid getting scammed

First-time landed passengers at CDG Airport often become victims of taxi scams. Specifically, unlicensed individual taxi drivers approach visitors and offer them transfers without mentioning their “unofficial” type of services. At the end of the ride, they charge them a huge amount of money, as they operate without taximeters or fixed fares.

To avoid becoming a victim yourself, you should always take your taxi from the official taxi ranks outside the airport’s terminals. Paris airport taxis have the distinctive “Taxi Parisien” light sign on their roof, a poster with their fares and their regulation number on their left rear window, and a black plate on their front side with their parking number written in red. What’s more, they are equipped with taximeters as well as an official license clearly displayed in the vehicle’s interior. If your taxi doesn’t comply with those terms, you should deny the ride and search for an official Paris airport taxi vehicle.

Airport Taxi from CDG Airport to Hotel

The most convenient way to check in to your hotel after landing at CDG Airport is to reach the airport taxi stand and take a Paris airport taxi. Taxis at Paris Airport are always available, offering comfortable and quick transfers to the destination of your choice. Hence, wherever your hotel may lie, a Paris airport taxi will drop you off right in front of the hotel’s doors after a safe and pleasant journey.

Our tip: Some Paris hotels offer free shuttle transfers from the airport. Before deciding on the transfer option from CDG Airport to your hotel, first check out if you are entitled to a free ride.

More Inside Tips about Paris Airport Taxis

  • In case your destination isn’t to be found in the Paris city center, you won’t be charged a set taxi fare. Thus, you should check if the taximeter is zeroed when entering the cab.
  • If the taxi driver doesn’t give you a receipt at the end of your journey, you should ask for one. If you forgot something in the cab or you want to make a complaint to the Tourist Police, you’ll find all the necessary info written on the receipt.
  • Trusting an individual driver and not taking a cab from the taxi rank usually leads to overcharging and scamming.
  • It is claimed that during the airport’s rush hours, you may find a long line at the taxi ranks. Thus, booking a private airport transfer or calling a cab in advance is always a good idea.
  • If you want to call for a taxi, you’ll find both Paris taxis (circulating around the city and 3 adjacent departments- 92,93,94) and suburban taxis (handling transfers around Paris and departments 91, 95, 78, and 77).
  • Ride-sharing services are also provided at CDG Airport.
  • Most taxi drivers don’t speak English (or they don’t respond to English anyway!). Hence, you should have your hotel’s address written on a piece of paper. Fortunately, this phenomenon seems to be changing during the last few years.
  • If your taxi driver doesn’t accept payments via bank cards, he must have it displayed on the taxi’s windows.
  • If you plan on paying with cash, you should carry some small bills. In that way, you’ll help your driver with the change, and you won’t risk getting scammed when given back the change.
  • Tipping is included in the price. However, if you are satisfied with the transfer services, you can round up the fare.


Are there taxis at CDG Airport?

Charles de Gaulle Airport has official taxi ranks scattered outside each terminal building. Thus, Paris airport taxis are lining up outside the terminals’ doors around the clock, on tap to offer quick and safe transfer services.

How much is a taxi in Paris from the airport?

Paris taxis charge a flat fare for airport rides to the city center. Thus, a 45-60-minute transfer from CDG Airport to the right bank of the Seine river costs 53€/53$, while a journey to the left side of the river is 58€/58$.

Do I tip taxi drivers in Paris?

Tipping the taxi drivers in Paris isn’t obligatory. Nevertheless, it is a common thing to round up the final fee to the closest euro when the ride is pleasant.